The Magnificent Elephants

On my recent trip to South Africa, I went on few safari trips including Kruger National Park. It was an adventure full of excitement of not knowing what’s going to walk in front of you. A lioness with her cubs or herd of 27 elephants at the pond of drinking water. It was amazing to observe was the discipline and organization in these wild animals. Respecting the oldest in the herd, following their commands and protecting the young from any danger was the unspoken rule.

We have so much to learn from these wild creatures: discipline, love and respect. I am a new fan of learning the behaviors of the animals, my favorite being the elephants. Elephants form deep family bonds and live in herd. Herd is led by oldest or largest female elephant and everybody follows her rules. Males live with the herd till they reach puberty and then they leave the herd to live on their own. The herd would protect the young elephants from any harm till they are old enough to take care of themselves. The elephants stay in touch with their distant relatives especially female elephants. They share the same emotions when they unite with them like we do. Share your experience of the wild safari!




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