The New Nutrition Fact Labels

The FDA announced the creation of a new nutrition fact label in May of 2016. Now, most of the information will stay the same, but there are certain additions that the consuming public must be made aware of…

*The most notable difference is that the serving size and calorie number are bold and have been made larger. Also, serving size requirements will now reflect the amount of food being consumed by the average person, rather than the amount the FDA sets. This is to better gauge the amount people are consuming.

Another thing to take interest in is that the Carbohydrate portion of the nutrition label is also changing. The dietary fiber portion of this label is only to include the amount that is beneficial to human health. Which means that there is only 4 grams of dietary fiber within this food that will benefit the body. Also, you can see there are to areas for sugar one area is labeled “total sugars” while the other is labeled “added sugars”. In this particular label, only 2 grams of natural sugar exist within the food. The rest are all synthetic sugars and therefore are called “added sugars”, these are the sugars to stay away from.

The last major change that can be seen in this nutrition label is the last portion containing the vitamins and minerals. It is now required, by law, to record the actual amount of Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium found within a particular food. This is to help with vitamins deficiencies and hopefully make it easier to make better choices in the foods that are consumed.

All in all, the FDA changes to the nutrition labels will not come into circulation until July 26, 2018 for larger industry producers and July 26, 2019 for smaller producers. These changes are to ultimately help consumers know what they are putting into their bodies and hopefully make better decisions when it comes to what they choose to consume.

*All of the above information can be found of the FDA website

New Nutrition Facts Labels


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